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Wisdom Tooth Treatment Services in Raleigh, NC

Wisdom Tooth and Related Difficulties

Wisdom ToothWisdom teeth are the 3rd moral teeth that hit the roots in the late teens or twenties. Time and again these teeth take a good position in people’s mouth, but it is also rather ordinary that they grow at a weird place or are pushed into neighboring teeth, gum or bone.

Indeed, if you have a wisdom tooth that is just partially through the gum or that is impacted, then you can find it very hard to keep it clean. Also, it can cause pain or uneasiness. In some cases, it turns out to be moldy or you could develop gum infections.

If bacteria & food remains normally accumulate around the tooth and it is not carefully taken out, then this can cause the gum next to the tooth to become reddened and puffed-up. Moreover, at times, a top wisdom tooth can bite down on the gum around the base part through wisdom tooth and this can cause the lower gum to befall extremely painful and swollen.

Wisdom Tooth Treatment Services 

Well, if your wisdom tooth is aching, taking up huge space in your mouth, infected or decaying, you can have it extracted. At Borkan Family Dentistry, we endow our patients with remarkable and result-oriented wisdom tooth treatment services. Our wisdom tooth extraction service is just a simple procedure that generally takes up to an hour depending on how many teeth are needed to be taken out.

It feels proud to work with chief professionals across various medical sectors, whose abilities are matched by their reliability and care. As a specialist in oral health, dental hygiene, and wisdom tooth treatment in Raleigh, our patients visit us for top quality, proficient dental care, in a friendly and hassle-free setting.

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